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  Web Design

In addition to everything else I do, I have been a web designer and graphic designer for 15 years.

I can build you a web site for the branding we are in with the Centers for Spiritual Living.

I can also build you an easy to use template site for your Center which you can take over and update as easily as using Microsoft Word or Word Pad. The application is available through www.Y2WebBuilder.Com.

I have built headers to match the four branding templates, which you can view here. I will customize the website for you with as little as a homepage or transfer your complete site.

I have aimed this primarily at the smaller churches that don't have the technical staff to build and maintain a normal html/CSS or database driven site, and want all the features of the big boys or girls.

I have built two sites thus far, and the header only for a third, who had a web savvy person to set the template up themselves.  Sites I setup are www.ThereisaPower.com, & www.cslcarlsbad.org. Both of the ministers are tickled pink with the ease with which they can work on the sites.

I believe it is important to the organizations for this branding to encompass the entire membership churches who wish to take advantage of the unified presence, and I believe this package offers an affordable, easy to use solution for everyone. I offer phone support and am presently putting together visual tutorials of questions that have come up from the churches.

For this service, as I do not own Y2WebBuilder, I ask only a tithe of what the Center feels it's value or worth is to them in relation to what they can afford. I realize there are many very small churches out there and they deserve the same quality web design as the larger, more established Centers.

If this interests you, please take a look at my template site which I have set up to show many of the available possibilities at www.sldesigncenter.com. It is built in Y2Webbuilder.

You can sign up for a 15 day trial to view the inner workings, and in most cases I can have a shell site up for your organization in a week, which will be a homepage and two or three shell pages for you to take over. I will talk you through the backend interface and have you up and running in usually less than an hour, if you are able to operate a computer and use a word processor like MS Word.

If you would like an html template, you can download <This Page> and images. There are no external css files or anything that shouldn't download. If you'd like a different color top bar, email me, and I'll send you one.

You can E-Mail Us , if you have any questions or would like to get started.



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