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  Affirmative Prayer

I use the seven steps of prayer when I am working with a challenge that is extremely close to me or an issue of health in myself or another, where I may be challenged even to see beyond the problem. If this persists, I also seek a prayer partner, someone who is one step removed from challenge and can see the truth for me and the truth of me beyond the challenge I may have before me.

Seven Steps of Prayer

  1. The First Step is called Recognition. It is the acknowledgement of Spirit, God, It, or Universal Mind.
  2. Second is Unification. It is the recognition that you are an expression of this Spirit or Infinite Intelligence.
  3. Third Step is Realization or Declaration. It is the affirmation itself.
  4. Fourth step is Denial. It is the denial that anything can oppose your affirmation.
  5. Fifth Step is Reaffirmation. You reaffirm the expectations of your prayer.
  6. The Sixth Step is Thanks or Gratitude. You give thanks for your knowing, for understanding of your relationship to Spirit, which is Love. This to me is the biggie. If we are always in gratitude, all else is provided.
  7. Seventh Step is Release. We release the treatment to the universe, to God, to do its work.

Example with Steps listed    Example without Steps listed


Below are phrases from “Creative Thought Magazine” to help us form a prayer or affirmation using terms and ideas consistent with those used by participants in Religious Science and meta-physics. They may be of help to you in forming an affirmation and putting your thoughts into a cohesive order.

It can sometimes seem difficult to come up with a comfortable flow to the affirmative prayer that you’re making while keeping it positive, as you would want it to be. It comes with practice, practice, practice.

  1. Acknowledge the Infinite
    -The One Mind is perfect and infinite
    -God is the source of all there is
    -There is only one God, One Light that shines on all things
    -God, the only Power and Presence in my life
    -I acknowledge the Divine Source, and Universal Energy
    -With the Unchangeable One as my only Source, I build my world consciously
  2. You: As an expression of Spirit
    - Spirit acting thru me as me is perfect in form and essence
    - As and individualization of God (this affirmation) is mine by divine inheritance
    -I am God’s Light in my world
    -My true nature, being God (or an individualization of God) is to give to the world
    -I lift up m consciousness to bless the Divine Source that supplies my world infinitely
    -I am Its (God’s) individualized expression. The Divine and I are one.
  3. The Affirmation: you declare or claim (whatever you’re affirming) for self Health, money, goodness, relationship, work, abundance: those things you want
    realistically for yourself or others now or for the future.
    (Not to be confused with asking to be a rocket scientist without getting the education
    first, i.e., unrealistic goals)
    -I am the conduit for that which I am seeking
  4. Release the Negative
    -I release any old patterns or behaviors that no longer serve me
    -by rejecting any negative patterns in consciousness
    -No person, place or thing can limit my (experience)
    -I release fear and doubt
    - I change my thinking to change my life
  5. Reaffirm your beliefs
  6. Give Thanks (with truth, harmony, joy, happiness, goodness)
    -by acknowledging your oneness with Spirit
    -by accepting God’s gifts into your life
    -welcoming this good into your life
    -I am thankful for my life as it is now ( and will be)
    -I celebrate the truth of my being; my spirit soars with love and joy
  7. Release your prayer by
    -by allowing it to unfold in my life
    -accepting the gifts of Spirit or God
    -I know when I release my word, it is done.
    -I release my word with complete confidence in the Law of Mind
    -I am Its timeless expression ever unfolding
    -In gratitude I am free to live a rich, full life right here and right now
    -I create this first in my mind, align with Universal Law, and await its manifestation
    with cheerful expectancy.
    -I release my word, setting my intention into Law

    And, if you like, end your affirmation affirmatively with:

    -And so it is.


Below is an example of prayer with the steps listed.

Recognition of Spirit:

As I know there is one Divine Source

Unifying our relationship with Spirit:

And that I am one with that Source of all that exists


I know that I am perfect health

Deny the negative or releasing old patterns:

That there is no thing, no dis-ease, nothing which can limit my health. My past is,
just that, my past, and I let it go with love,


Knowing that perfect health is mine.


I give thanks for knowing this Truth.

Release of prayer to law:

And release this treatment to the Laws of the Universe, knowing it is done, right here and now.

And so it is.
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Below is another example of an affirmative prayer without the steps listed.


Universal Spirit, the One Light and Infinite source of all things,
So am I as Its light in my world,
I reinforce my right, as an expression of the One Light, for my perfect health and spiritual growth. My daily abundance overflows in direct proportion to the love I give.
I release from my path all negative thought and action,
And give thanks for the knowledge that my relationship with Spirit will fill my life with continued abundance and perfect health.
As I release my word into the Law, I know that it is already so.
And so it is.

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