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ABOUT Spirit on the Road:

Hi, I'm Jim Starke. I'm a Licensed Religious Science Minister. I grew up in New England, lived and worked in the Caribbean for about 12 years, and then moved my business to Florida.

It was here I found a Spiritual teaching that, although I had lived and believed it all my life, never knew it existed outside of my own experience.

The Science of Mind, a correlation of science, philosophy and religion, was the spiritual child of Dr. Ernest Holmes. It is considered New Thought. I consider it a new way of thinking.

Spirit On The Road evolved out of the question, "How can we reach others like me, who think this way, but may believe that they're alone in their thinking, or that there is nowhere to go to communicate with others who feel this way?"

Spirit On The Road is truly mobile. I live in a motor home and have the ability to travel to any location in the US, weather permitting, to help you form a community and get you started in becoming an even greater expression of yourself.

More than that, I also have many virtual components, many of which will be coming online shortly, giving me the ability to bring you together with others online.

If I can be of service to you in any way, through prayer, counseling, or just talking, please get in touch with me through the Spirit on the Road contact page.

This philosophy is all about,
"Change your thinking - Change your Life!"

Our parent organization is called the  Centers for Spiritual Living, and the vision of our organization is to,
Awaken Humanity to it's Spiritual Magnificence!